Dream Encounters at the Lunatic Birdhouse

by Cozm x Transmissions




Cozm x Transmissions - Dream Encounters at the Lunatic Birdhouse

Track list

I. First Encounter on Day of the Unquiet Grave
II. Second Encounter on the Dreamshore of Ikonic Tomorrows
III. Final Encounter in the Ancient Village of Tierra Amena
IV. Night Spell in the Lunatic Birdhouse of the Midnight Skull
V. Escape Dream Through (for microphone)

Tracks I-V recorded by Cozm x Transmissions between early autmun 2012 and late spring 2013.
All instruments and devices are played by Rev Zombi.
Voices and divinations by Archangel Gong Amenità.

The Dream Encounters at the Lunatic Birdhouse album offers the first collaborative works of Archangel Gong Amenità (poète Marie-Luise Weiss) with Rev Zombi's Cozm x Transmissions.

Since the beginning of the New Century, Cozm x Transmissions have filtered through the reversed world of dreams, the Altered Field of Dreamtime.
Cozm x Transmissions originated Imaginal music and revealed the Altered Field ephemeris enclosed into the Universal Dreamtime Calendar.

Into the neon and bright silver flux of Dreamtime, lies the Altered field, at the center of a vertiginous firmament, with ever-changing outlines. Under this sky-dream weaving fractal hypnosis that scouts and skirts the surrounding void, a dronal messenger, the Archangel Gong will toll the end of all Cosmic centuries.

Achieved and multiplied in all its connections, theses subliminal encounters between the Archangel Gong Amenità and Rev Zombi have defined the essence of Imaginal music.

Imaginal music invites us to encompass our own mystery as well as the mystery of life.
Imaginal music is not modern, nor is it avantgarde. It is prehistorical.

Thanks to the visionary intuition of Jim Clark, this collection of recordings has been made available worldwide, through the mighty experimental Fag Ash Records, until the final gong that will end the spatial teleology of all Cosmic centuries.



released 17 July 2014



all rights reserved


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